6 - Mega Man 2

It’s time for Smashterpiece #6, we’re jumping into the city of Monsteropolis to stop Dr. Wily in the 1998 NES game Mega Man 2! How brilliant do we think this game’s level design truly is? Why do we consider it the best game we’ve played for the show so far? And what about that bangin’ music? All this and more in today’s episode!

Also included in this episode is our call to action, help us figure out what game we will end up playing to represent the newly announced fighter #68 Isabelle! There’s also a bit of side talk about nightmare and dream character inclusions purely from the standpoint of doing this show. It’s a fun one, so be sure to tune in and take part!

Join us next time as we journey to Sarasaland to save Princess Daisy in Smashterpiece #7: Super Mario Land

Our list of games can be found here!

You can watch Matt stream these games and more here, and you can watch Joe stream here!