19 - Super Mario 64

What’s that I see? Suddenly your features are so much more defined, so much bigger, so… polygonal! It might be because Smashterpieces has finally made their way into the third dimension with Smashterpiece #19, Super Mario 64. Join us, alongside NWR’s Jordan Rudek, as we discuss what may well be the most influential and historically significant video game ever made, one that wrote the book on 3D gaming and launched the industry into the future. What are some things about the game we think didn’t age so well? What are our favorite and least favorite worlds to explore? Why do we keep mentioning Croc? All this and more in today’s episode!

Special thanks to Peter Spezia for assisting with the editing for this episode.

Join us next time as we begin our journey to save the lifestream in Smashterpiece #20: Final Fantasy VII

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