17.1 - Earthbound (Part 1)

Load up your backpacks, grab your skip sandwiches, and brandish your baseball bats cause we’re finally heading out on our adventure in Eagleland! That’s right, today’s episode is the first part of our discussion on Smashterpiece #17: Earthbound. In this episode we talk about our qualms with the game’s early hours, through Onette, Twoson, and Happy Happy Village. Why do we feel it’s now obvious why we would have bounced off the game in our younger years? What quirky things does the game do right? In what ways was Earthbound seemingly ahead of its time, and in what ways do we find it to be a little bit dated? All this and more in today’s episode!

We’ll be back in a few weeks time with part two as we continue our psychic adventures and recruit our third party member on our way to the big city.

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